Summers Here
I have just completed three paintings in oils, Victoria Flour Mills from Corporation Bridge, Winter Windsurfing and Finishing a New Start. Both Victoria Flour Mills and Corporation Bridge are structures local to me. I have crossed the bridge just about every day on my way to work for the last 37 years. It's an ugly little bridge but also beautiful and functional at the same time. Proper big steel works, a lift section and a big control room. Great stuff! It dates from 1926 and was opened by the then Prince of Wales who later became Edward VIII before he promptly abdicated the throne for Mrs Simpson. The Victoria Flour Mills was built in 1904 and was and still is one of the tallest buildings in Grimsby. It has survived Zeppelin raids in World War 1, the Luftwaffe in World War 2 and also post war town planners.
Winter Windsurfing was painted from a photograph provided by a friend. It depicts a friend of mine windsurfing locally in a very cold North Sea. My local area is situated at the mouth of the River Humber and in winter we often receive an icy blast direct from the arctic. The sea was painted in pretty thick impasto. I took my inspiration for the sea from Japanese prints. The rough sea state is exaggerated and and so is the size of the sail on the board. I was attempting to state in paint how powerful the sea and the wind is and how small one person is. I'm happy with result.
Finishing a New Start is my attempt to show my joy that lockdown restrictions are ending. I am looking forward to painting and drawing and back to meeting people......What can be better than splashing paint about.
All the best.